Thursday 13th July, 2017.

12:23 a.m.

I have a migraine that approached me outta nowhere. I’ve been drinking water all day, ever since I realized how dehydrated I am. I’ve also had way less sugar today. I also found that too much sugar was the cause of some problems that I had. So I’m trying to drink more water, and reduce my sugar consumption. So far so good – minus the migraine.

I was thinking about something to write before I went for my laptop. I can’t remember now, ahahaha. I’m kinda tired.

What I predicted in my last post happened, but nothing has really changed. I talk to him less now and I don’t remember when was our last Skype Call or when we last played GTA Online.

Maybe we are better off as friends. Maybe because I fell back behind the line I had crossed. With the line there, I don’t think I’m behaving as I normally would. Nothing has happened since then though. I don’t have anything to talk about.

I should enjoy being single though. It’s nice. Time to work on you and only you, without having to worry about another person.

I imagine my strength as a bulwark around me. I feel as though parts of it were destroyed. I wanna rebuild those parts. I’m glad he said something that’s been pushing me to be a better me.

Oh! I also went to the beach on the 6th. I enjoyed it. I’ve also become aware of how lazy I am when it comes to swimming. Hahahahaha. I should work on that.

Hey (:

12:36 a.m.


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